Walking through the desert?

La Paz July 5th
We left our sweet little place as late as 9:30am with a head wind and the desert as flat as “piss on a plate” as James would say. Pretty boring and slow with that head wind, but actually not that hot. The Pacific is near….
Just one pedal stroke at a time and a song and some good thoughts…just keep going, eventually something changes. As we all know, the only thing that never changes is change itself!!
The ride felt pretty good and right before the road took a slight turn to the right (hoping for tail wind, which didn’t quite happen…) heading more south east, we saw some people walking, pushing something. First I thought some locals cleaning up in this god forsaken place, but what it was was even more unlikely: A couple WALKING THROUGH BAJA. They are walking in the summer from San Filipo -oh, never mind, here is their info: http://www.mybajaguide.com/new/A-100-Day-Walking-Challenge-to-Help-Those-Who-Are-Challenged-All-Year-Long/330.
I just can’t stop thinking about them: For every hour we cycle, they take a day!! I checked the side of the roads where they would be walking….and I really think THEY JUST MUST BE NUTS!!
Also thinking, this biking stuff isn’t so bad: You work hard up hills, but you can go slow, you can even get off the bike, but, when you go down hill, you really get to rest, coasting, wind, stop pedaling, resting and eating up the miles at the same time. Really not so bad. Walking, you just don’t get a brake at all. The downhills can be even more challenging than the uphills as I learned in the Himalayas – no different anywhere else….
Well, moral of the story, cycling is it. Hard times, sure, but, man/woman IT’S A BLAST!!


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